3 Biggest Challenges for Empaths and Intuitives

empaths intuition Feb 20, 2017

There are 3 big challenges particular to empaths and intuitives. Being intuitive or empathic means you are getting a lot more information running through your bio-computer at any given time.

That’s wonderful but…

As much as this is ‘value added’ your intuition will only work when you work.

By the way,  if you are inclined to headaches, this blog is going to be valuable advice for you.


The 3 Biggest Challenges

  • Grounded
  • Centred
  • Boundaries



This is your south pole; how you connect to your physical body, how you connect to the natural world and how stable you feel in your connection to the magnetic pull of the earth’s core. Being ‘some earthly good’ requires you to be strong in the physical.



This is your sense of who you are and where and how fit in the Universal design. You will need a strong sense of connection in the spiritual north pole. This is not a place of ego as much as it is knowing yourself well enough to be able to bypass your limited self as all its foibles. What you need to know is; what are your inner most core values and what is your mission here on earth.


You don’t have to have everything figured out here. What you will need is a strong enough connection through your vertical axis, that you won’t spin out. What do I mean by vertical axis? Imagine a rod of energy coming straight down from the heavens, through the centre of your body, reaching down into the ground and continuing deep into the earth’s core.



Being grounded and centred is all about the ‘self’ and our relationship with nature and spirit. Boundaries are all about relationship with others.


This tidbit of advice may run counter to anything you’ve ever heard about healthy boundaries, but boundaries are less about the control needed to keep others out, as the self control to keep yourself in.

I am going to make this easy for you by starting in the physical.

Stand up and plant your feet. Find your balance. Then take one step forward. Take one step back. You have just made a conscious decision to move towards and to move back. You know how to stand in one place. Easy!

Now imagine doing this with your emotions. Are you moving forward or moving back?

You are living in a world with other people; people who can be annoyingly creative about creating opportunities for you to react to them. Ponder this. With your emotional bubble, are you standing, moving forward, or moving back? What do you want to do?


Drawing a Line

It may help to imagine drawing a line in front of you. You may be programmed and conditioned to react to others. Perhaps you are wired to ‘fix’ or rescue. What I am trying to say here, is that when you are fully aware, you get to choose your poise point. You get to choose when and how you engage.

You are probably subjected to people who are drowning on a regular basis, and like physical rules for saving people from drowning, you will need to be aware of how to keep yourself safe.. Unless you have every assurance that have the strength to jump in and bring both of you to safety, you may want to find a branch to reach out with.

The likelihood is that as you step forward into the problem, you become part of the problem. The question is, can you really help them there? Really?

Einstein said “You can’t find a solution with the same consciousness that created the problem.”


Rather than jumping in with both feet, what else can you offer?

Here’s a thought: My daughter asks for my opinion from time to time. I am very cautious about being overly influential here. Even when I have a strong idea about ‘what the right answer is’ I would rather lead her to the area of epiphany for herself, instead of dragging her to it.

Instead of offering wholesale advice, this is what I do.

I start by saying, I am not in the situation personally so it is hard to fully understand the situation, but this is what I know about you that keeps me thinking that you are up to the challenge.

Then I list at least 5 strengths that I know about her. This includes how bull-headed she is, because that’s the truth. I will go on to mention a character trait that might make it harder for her to see things clearly, or to decide in a clear way.

I could describe this as mentoring, or cheer leading. I call it ‘encouraging‘.


Talking Above the Line

Gabriel Roth (The Urban Shaman) tells a story where she and a group of women were hanging out in a hot tub after a workshop.

One woman was wanting Gabriel’s attention about some personal issues she was struggling with. Gabriel jumped up and sat up on the edge of the tub.

She said, ‘I won’t talk to you down there. If you want to talk, come up here with me’.

Gabrielle was inviting the women to elevate the conversation to a soul level.

Rather than opening dialog in the consciousness that created the problem, how can you engage to remind them of how gifted they are, how capable they are and how flat out powerful they are. How can you say in effect, I know it feels hard right now, but you’ve got this; you can do this.

Some people will set up and encourage the jump in. Maybe they want to use us, or abuse us; maybe they have been badly trained and just don’t know any better.


Awareness is the Key

But heads up, you can’t control others, but here is your chance to stay fully aware.

On a soul level, people are not wanting you to remind them weakness, nor be reminded of how you can fix them.

What they are really crying out for is a shift of perspective, a shift of consciousness. What they really want is to be reminded of their strengths. Most of all, they want to be understood and appreciated.

I hope this gives you something to play with.


Disclaimer: All information in this article is for education purposes only. If you have health issues, please contact a reliable and qualified health care provider.

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