6 Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cholesterol

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There are 6 things your doctor won't tell you about cholesterol.

So, you are feeling pressured to start taking medication to lower your cholesterol. I want to be clear that I am not doctor bashing here. They do what they do and they tend to do it well. For goodness sake, don't flirt with this if your numbers are on the side of scary. Scary means that working with your doctor is just where you need to be, but do put yourself to the task of taking further steps to heal and reverse this trend by using a natural approach. Healing is not what the medical model tends to know about so don't look for permission to heal from your doctor. It just isn't what they are trained for.

If 'Concerned' is where you are landing consider this

Your doctor only has one tool. Keep this in mind. If you are hitting the concern area, you have a better run at changing this tendency on a causal level. 1. Here is the dark side of statin drugs My sister, who is an RN, was taking statin drugs because of elevated cholesterol levels. Over time she was losing muscle strength to the point where she was planning a life of infirmity; wheel chair and finding her dogs a new home. Her doctor had diagnosed her with polymyalgia. She did her own research and found out that this was a possible side effect of the statin drugs. (Your pharmacist will have this same information). She saw a specialist who confirmed that she should stop taking the drug. She regained her strength. 2. What is cholesterol caused by? Because cholesterol is one of the things that the body uses to patch a raw spot on the blood vessel wall, it makes more sense to wonder what caused the injury. It is like putting a Band-Aid on a cut and spending all your time wondering how you are going to get the band aid off. What can cause the sore? It can be the damage caused by free radicals. Being devoid of oxygen, they pluck out the oxygen through the blood vessel walls, leaving a wound behind. The body creates a scab. Cholesterol is part of this scabbing. 3. Inflammation Inflammation plays a huge role in heart attacks. This is medical research by the way. It just may not be what all GP's are reading. It is the new buzz so Google it and see what you can find. 4. Stress Excess adrenaline plays a huge role in damaging the blood vessel walls. We humans are hard wired in a certain way. In the event of a threat (fight, flight) our body produces what it takes for us to run away. An animal runs away. We just sit there while ‘the fire runs through our veins’. In truth we tend to create artificial stimulation of adrenaline hormones because we get off on it. (TV, anxious thinking) A monkey will run away and climb a tree; essentially burning off the adrenaline. We sit there. We humans are also really good at 'freezing' under stress. We just sit there. 5. Reactions and Allergy In terms of dietary, the low fat craze has got us nowhere. In fact reducing the anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids puts us in a worse place. It seems to be carbohydrates and sugars that get us into trouble. Inflammation is a key factor. The Primal Doc movement (M.D.'s) is really doing the science on gluten and its role in creating inflammation in the gut and then in the body as a whole. Amy Meyers is one of the Primal Docs who is very vocal and present in the media.

Doing nothing isn't a good option

Unless you go deep and really clean up the blood and then the blood vessel walls; clearing the metals and environmental toxins, eliminating the toxic cooking/salad oils, you will not really deal with the problem. The blood has to clean through the filters first; liver and kidneys. Start here. 6. Natural Remedies Omega Alpha has a product called LessTerol which is 100% natural. It works with the body. It is formulated by Dr. Gordon Chang, who has his Ph. d in Pharmacology and Physiology. LessTerol is a natural product made under pharmacology licence and Dr. Chang made it to compete with the statin drugs. There are also vitamin/mineral chelation products. I don't work with these. This is where I work with homeopathic complexes instead. Just some food for thought. Have you had success in using natural means to lower your cholesterol levels?

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