7 Ways Our Pediatric History Shapes Our Adult Health

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Most people's view of their health is on a 'cause and effect' time line. This view is valuable if the time line includes a 'lifetime' look at your personal health history. So much of what is affecting us today as adults is the manifestation of our experiences starting even before our first breath. We don't usually think about our health in this long term accumulative context. This is fundamentally where holistic health care differs from crisis care. Here are 7 ways that our pediatric history shapes our adult health We often fail to factor in all the early entanglements that profoundly influence our present day well being. What are the things that affected you as an infant that continue to shape your life as you know it today? [Tweet "So much of what is affecting you as an adult has its beginnings very early on in your life."] . Use of drugs for delivery Anything that is used to sedate the mother during labour will in the the child's system. This may delay the ability to nurse and even affect the bonding process. Separation from mother Removing the baby from the mother too soon after delivery (to do routine tests) can interfere with the bonding process. We recognize this with animal births, but tend to devalue this for ourselves. . Use of antibiotics Antibiotics are in the yeast/mold/fungus group. Over use of antibiotics can and do decrease the bacterial overgrowth, but they increase the yeast/fungus overgrowth and essentially feeds this as a secondary infection. Antibiotic use, especially early on in a baby's life can throw the whole immune path off balance. Unless clear and purposeful steps are taken to bring a child's body back into microbial balance, this imbalance and proneness to infections will continue. The best advice is to do some deep detective work and find out what has stressed the child in the first place. This may have allergy or environmental causes. . Early vaccinations A baby's immune system is going through a big sorting process. This sorting is done cell by cell and it takes time. New immune factors delivered into the deep processes of the body before this sorting process is done, may cause a stall in the natural immune development. There will also be deposits of toxic material deep in the brain glands (aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, animal DNA, viral or toxic proteins). [Tweet "A baby subjected to vaccines too early in life can have trouble developing a strong natural immunity"] . Processed/unnatural foods An infant's stomach is so small, and the digestive processes are so immature, there is really no point putting anything in mouth that isn't real food. Taste is a trained conditioning. . Emotional distress of mother In the beginning of a child's life, there is no division between infant and mother. A mother's emotional and mental equilibrium will profoundly impact her baby. Our first human language is intuition. What a child needs most is peace in the home. [Tweet " Our first human language is intuition. "] . Emotional starvation When a mother withdraws from a child, anyone else may be fooled, but the baby knows. This is where new mom's really need support. If mom is getting emotionally nourished, the relationship between mother and baby has a stronger foundation.

Take the Time to Share Your Health History

One sign that you are in good hands is when your caregiver takes the time to listen to you. The interview phase is an essential part of your work with any health care professional. It will serve you well to reflect upon your 'expanded' personal history and to share this with your care giver. So much of what is going on with you has its start very early on in your life. It is impossible to isolate that past from your present concerns. Does this information change the way you are looking at your health today? Please leave a comment below.

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